Working at SakalGB

There are no limits to your career.

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    Financial Aid

    Money management is critical to everyone. Sakal GB supports its staff by giving salary advances, providing professional financial advisory services, assisting, shares and equity options for staff and reducing your expenses like supporting with house cleaning expenses, day care expenses, etc. as rewards for optimum performance.

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    Leadership and growth

    We are a performance driven organization and we depend largely on the creativity, leadership and outside-the-box thinking of our staff. To encourage this, Sakal GB gives full ownership of roles with little supervision. We also reward creative thinking and embrace diversity, passion on the job and innovation. Every employee is given space to learn and grow on the job.

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    We appreciate the effort staff put every day to help grow the Company. We reward generously with yearly dinner& award night, intern or corper of the year, quarterly lunch or dinner with the CEO, birthday celebrations, performance bonuses and several other creative reward systems.

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    Fun! Fun!! Fun!!!

    All work and no play make Sakal GB a dull place to work. We work hard and we play Harder! Activities like Companywide vacations, No dress code day, prank the newbie day, bring your kids to work day, leave work early day, team bonding activities day, TGIF!, and office Olympics are among the few fun activities we engage in regularly to keep spirits high!

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    We support your family

    Sakal GB knows you care for your family so we place priority on their well-being as well. We provide Generous parental leaves policies, accessible healthcare for your family members and retirement savings. We also allow mothers bring their kids to work in case of sudden emergencies and we love gifting our new parents.

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    A healthy staff is a happy one

    Sakal GB takes the wellness of our employees very seriously. We collaborate with the best health management organizations to provide quality health assistance to our staff. We also engage in several wellness activities within the office break times. Our periodic health and safety training’s, BMI calculations and fitness advice is second to none.

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    Flexible Working

    Free time to pursue your passions, spend time with family, volunteer in charitable activities or just time to take a break is important to every staff. Sakal GB understands this and offers Flexible working plans, casual leaves and work from home days.

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    Learning Environment

    We believe as our staff grow, the Company grows so we take learning as a culture at Sakal GB. We are deliberate about personal and professional development, quarterly training’s, weekly presentations and team bonding activities. We support your desire to learn, from how to sew to professional certifications.

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